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Water Resources
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Water Resources Services

EnviroLogic Resources provides ground-water exploration and development services to developers, agricultural concerns, mining companies, and water purveyors.

Water-resource evaluations typically start with an information search designed to provide us with data related to the hydrogeologic setting. This information is derived from literature, reports, the internet, and hydrogeologic reconnaissance activities. A conceptual hydrogeologic model is developed by EnviroLogic Resources which is used as the basis for designing subsequent phases of exploration.

Geophysical investigations are commonly applied during the next phase of exploration. EnviroLogic Resources staff have experience in several geophysical methods, including electrical resistivity, shallow ground temperature surveys, and borehole geophysics. The results of geophysical investigations are used to refine the conceptual hydrogeologic model and select locations for a drilling program. The use of a geophysical approach can help to reduce drilling costs and limit the installation of test or production wells to the areas with the most potential for success.

Well design, construction, and testing activities represent the ultimate phase of the exploration program. EnviroLogic Resources is experienced in installing and testing production wells capable of producing from a few gallons per minute up to 10,000 gpm in alluvial and volcanic aquifers. EnviroLogic Resources is skilled in the analysis of aquifer-test data from unconfined, leaky, and confined aquifers. The result of the drilling and testing program is a water supply of known quantity and quality.

Ground-water resources are efficiently developed through the use of ground-water models. As discussed previously, EnviroLogic Resources has prepared computer models to simulate aquifer hydraulics using several codes and in a variety of hydrogeologic settings.

Frequently, fouling by iron bacteria, similar microorganisms, or encrustation/corrosion problems can seriously reduce the specific capacity of production wells and threaten their continued viability. In addition to the exploration and development of water resources, EnviroLogic Resources is experienced in planning well maintenance programs to keep wells producing.

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