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Corporate Overview

EnviroLogic Resources, Inc. was founded on the basis of the technical expertise and experience of Thomas J. Calabrese, R.G. Established in 1996, the primary mission of EnviroLogic Resources is to provide clients with superior technical quality and service at competitive rates.

EnviroLogic Resources provides services in all phases of environmental assessment, strategic planning, risk assessment, and remediation at a variety of commercial and industrial properties. EnviroLogic Resources has specialized expertise in hydrocarbon, solvent, wood treating, utility and MGP, and a variety of brownfields redevelopment projects. These projects have been conducted under a multitude of regulatory programs. EnviroLogic Resources is an Oregon Underground Storage Tank Service Provider.

Water-resources evaluation and development is an important issue in the Western US. EnviroLogic Resources has the expertise to accurately evaluate potential beneficial uses in water supplies in ground-water basins using a variety of geologic and geophysical techniques. Development of these water supplies is enhanced using conceptual and mathematical models based on sound hydrogeologic principles.

In addition, EnviroLogic Resources provides critical dam safety services such as monitoring of water leakage through dams, canals, and similar structures.

EnviroLogic Resources provides support to the legal community in environmental and water resources litigation. Our experience in developing technical arguments to support client positions has been sharpened over many years.

And, EnviroLogic Resources provides the project management expertise necessary to complete these complex projects successfully - on time and on budget.

EnviroLogic Resources is represented by Mr. Thomas J. Calabrese, RG, CWRE, Mr. Calabrese has an expansive record of relevant experience, as demonstrated by the resume presented in Appendix A. Mr. Calabrese has worked on environmental projects for a variety of client types and he excels in the management, planning, and execution of environmental programs. With over 15 years of professional experience, Mr. Calabrese has been responsible for projects ranging from property transfer assessments to remedial actions and he has developed investigative and remedial strategies that have been successfully negotiated to regulatory acceptance. In addition to the projects shown on the resume, Mr. Calabrese provided technical guidance and strategic planning for all projects being conducted in the Portland office of a large multi-national environmental and engineering consulting firm in his role as Operations Manager.

Project team members are selected specifically for what they can provide to a project - from both technical and cost control perspectives. In many cases, expertise is provided by experienced professionals who, similar to EnviroLogic Resources, run their own consulting practices focused in their specialty. In other cases, junior level staff are provided where expertise for the project resides in EnviroLogic Resources personnel.

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